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by Kasia Perzynska and Pawel Halas on 04 Jan, 2018 ~6 minutes read

Hard work pays off!

After several months of hard work and dedication, we’ve just launched the LiveChat Partner Program’s brand new website.We strongly believe it represents what our Partner Program is all about.

The whole process took us a while though, and the hardest part was to precisely name and describe the objectives behind the new website’s creation.

The greatest concern for us was making it relevant, visually appealing and more user-friendly than it was before. After all, our primary goal was to recognize the previous version’s shortages and address them by making the proper adjustments.

Business Partnerships Revamped

Although we shared lots of useful tools in the past, we didn’t pay enough attention to teaching you how to leverage them on a daily basis.

Hence, we’ve decided to revamp more than just the website. Our overall approach to certain business alliances had to change too. Revamping the website turned out to be the perfect excuse for rebuilding the entire partnership management process.

After an in-depth analysis, we came to realize that we should put more emphasis on the business opportunities the LiveChat Partner Program offers. Finally, the result of our work is right in front of you!

Add LiveChat to Your Business Bundle

Until now, we were communicating two possible partnership models:

  • Affiliate Partner Program
  • Reseller Partner Program

While the first option has always been quite clear, the second one seemed blurry from our perspective. Therefore we decided to elaborate on the reseller partnership further.

Roughly, the idea of our reseller program was giving you the option to purchase licenses, with a 20% discount, directly in the Partner Panel. Then, you could simply resell it to your clients at your rates and make a profit on the margin.

However, a buy low & sell high strategy, as the program unintentionally conveyed, was quite misleading. Our real scope has always been empowering Partners to grow their businesses alongside us. And that’s exactly what we want to communicate.

Instead of just reselling our software, we wanted LiveChat to become a part of your business bundle. To finally meet this goal, we’ve introduced the Solution Partner Program.

What’s Solution Partner Program about?

The Solution Partner Program opens almost endless possibilities of cooperation with LiveChat. It’s as flexible as it gets. From now, you can add LiveChat to your business bundle and use it as one of your solutions.

Okay cool, but what about resellers?

Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean you can’t resell LiveChat licenses anymore. We decided to keep the reseller program and incorporate it in the solution partnership. (The best is yet to come, so stay tuned for news here)

But even now, in spite of certain limitations, you can apply LiveChat to your solutions as a complementary product. Need an example to better understand how this works?

Let’s take interactive and e-commerce agencies, building websites for their end-clients.

Such companies can easily expand their business scope to include additional services with the use of the Partner Panel features. For instance, they can apply LiveChat to their clients’ sites and this will significantly increase their clients’ ROI.

Moreover, both e-commerce and interactive agencies can also make use of LiveChat’s ready-made integrations with 3rd party SaaS solutions.

This way, they can turn their clients’ websites into something special.

Chicago Digital’s success story makes a great example, showing how a business partnership with LiveChat can look in practice.

Need more examples?

  • Our Partners integrate their products with our software (using Open API, available within the LiveChat Developers Program) and make LiveChat a feature available in one of their pricing plans.
  • Other associates offer LiveChat implementation and customization as a special service they charge separately for.

Regardless of how Partners leverage our Program and its features, all these examples work great! After all, a live chat handles on-site communication with end-users and generates new leads. This is a must-have tool for everyone with an online business.

All these business partnerships show what principles our Partner Program should be based on.

We are here to give you access to helpful tools and show you what business opportunities are there for you. Eventually, it’s up to you to explore your niche and figure out how to make LiveChat an element of your business bundle. (If you need us to help you out, get in touch!)

More New Stuff

Apart from the Solution Partner Program that’s been so crucial for us, we’ve also introduced several new sections you’ll find extremely useful.

Most importantly, we launched our blog. And let me say one thing about it: It is a real beauty! ❤️

livechat partner program blog

You can expect us to post top-notch content about online marketing on a weekly basis. Also, there’s space for Partner Program insights and success stories. No matter if you are a performance marketer, AdWords expert, content writer or a developer. You’ll find something interesting for yourself.

While revamping the website, we understood that details about the LiveChat Partner Program were a bit complicated. I bet it wasn’t easy finding the necessary information. Therefore, we needed to sort this out. This is all fixed now. We’ve built a Help Center section, to make things clear and more handy for you.


Our Help Center section includes the comprehensive documentation regarding LiveChat business partnerships. This includes business opportunity descriptions and resources that we share with Partners.

Finally, we figured out that both current and potential Partners need a clear explanation of how can they take our cooperation to the next level.

Do it by becoming a LiveChat Affiliate Partner and LiveChat Expert.

And so, you’ll find here all the key benefits of:

  • promoting LiveChat in an affiliate capacity
  • and having your profile listed on LiveChat’s Experts Marketplace.

It’s Time to Take The Next Step

Deploying the new website was a significant part of our master plan. However, it’s the first element on our roadmap. It’s time to move things along and take the next step.

Now, we’ll focus all our efforts on the implementation of a new Partner Panel.


What will change? First of all, the new dashboard will have more performance-tracking options and be more user-friendly. After all, we’ll run it with the use of the new Partner API. This should make the LiveChat Partner Program leaner and more powerful.

We fully understand that your business scope within our Partner Program is limited due to some technical obstacles. Properly speaking, the Partner Panel doesn’t provide you with a direct access to your end-clients’ licenses. But this is going to change.

The solution for addressing this problem is in development. Soon, you’ll be able to request access and enter end-clients’ licenses easily - directly through your Partner Panel.

There are more new projects on the way, and I will share the good news with you anytime something big comes up.

Stay tuned for further updates on our blog.

Meanwhile, enjoy our new website.

Should you have any additional questions or doubts, don’t hesitate to reach me directly, either on Twitter or via email at p.halas@livechatinc.com.

Happy marketing!

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