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by Michal Szczyglowski on 05 Sep, 2018 ~6 minutes read

Being able to verify the performance of each service you refer to your customers is crucial, and trust me, I get it.

The truth is that LiveChat improves a couple of metrics instantly, e.g. visitors engagement, customer service speed, so your clients will definitely see a quick improvement, but without smart control and adjustments, it will probably never reach the maximum potential.

That’s where LiveChat reports can help. The reports section is available in every LiveChat license starting from the Team plan. To find the ‘Reports,’ log in to the LiveChat dashboard and click on the analytics icon on the left-side navigation bar.

livechat reports section

Monitor, analyze, and adjust your client’s accounts to help them achieve better results.

Here is what I will cover in this article:

  • Monitoring the work of chat agents
  • Adjusting LiveChat settings
  • Measuring the results of online sales
  • Other evaluation activities

Monitoring the work of chat agents

As we provide 247 chat support ourselves, we confirm - without any hesitation - that the work of the chat agent is not the easiest one. To support your clients in becoming chat experts, it’s important to monitor their performance and help them improve based on their previous experience.

Here are some of the metrics to consider when evaluating the work of chat agents:

Chat satisfaction & response time

chat satisfaction section

1. Chat satisfaction

The very basic report that simply shows how happy your clients are with the support they have received. More good rates mean higher customer satisfaction. Customer service excellence is a unique combination of skills and experience that cannot be obtained instantly. It requires hard work, willingness to learn, and constant analysis of previous work. Be sure to share the best practices and experience with your clients.

2. Response time

One of the greatest advantages of using live chat is support available within one click which makes response time extremely important. You need to show that you are there and ready to help. On average, LiveChat customers reached the level of 47 seconds for the first response time, and I strongly recommend keeping it below 1 minute.

The combination of those metrics can be used to build trust and recognition by publishing your own Quality Page or adding a Quality Badge to the website.

*Please note that response time is a part of advanced reporting available in the Business plan.

Tickets satisfaction & resolution time

ticket satisfaction section

1. Tickets satisfaction

See how the customer support team is handling more complex cases, analyze their performance, and implement further improvements.

2. Response & resolution time

Naturally, the first response time and resolution time for tickets will be longer than for chats. However, keep in mind that even more complex cases shouldn’t wait forever for resolution, and it’s also important to address offline requests as quickly as possible.

Adjusting LiveChat settings

LiveChat offers a lot of customization options that can be used in personalizing communication, improving customer experience, and increasing engagement with the website visitors. Finding the best setup can take some time so be sure to test different configurations.

greetings section

1. Greetings conversion

Custom chat invitations, if used correctly, can be a powerful tool for every online business. LiveChat reporting gives you an insight into the performance of each greeting you create. It also allows you to monitor visitors engagement and adapt your welcome message to their behavior patterns.

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2. Visitors queue management

One of the reasons why customers love to interact with companies through live chat is the ease of access. When they engage in live chat, they expect quick and reliable support, and they certainly don’t want to be stuck in a queue.

Visitors end up in the queue simply because all chat agents are busy. Monitor the metrics such as queued visitors, queue waiting time, and queue abandonment to avoid losing out on potential new leads.

Basic solutions to the problem include hiring new people or increasing the number of concurrent chats the agents can handle. In case your client needs help with filling the chat support, check out this list of alternatives.

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3. Chat surveys

Fully customizable LiveChat surveys can be crucial in the lead generation process. Get additional info from the customers but remember to keep your surveys short and easy to fill. LiveChat reports will allow you to monitor the number of filled chat surveys which represents the number of new leads for your clients.

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Measuring the results of online sales

If your client use LiveChat not only to improve their customer service results but also to increase their e-commerce sales, you should consider reports that will let you verify how much of a business they get from chat.

goals section

Goals reports & Sales tracker

Goals are the sales targets you can set up for your team within LiveChat, and this report will show how many chats end with the wanted result.

By adding the Sales Tracker to your clients’ website, you simply allow them to monitor the value of the sales made via chat. See which agents, chats, and products have the biggest impact on the company revenue.

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Other evaluation activities

Google Analytics and Adwords integrations

When combining multiple marketing tactics, it’s vital to analyze how each of them works separately and also how certain actions influence each other.

Connecting LiveChat and Google Analytics is possible within one click and allows you to collect chat-related data in your GA account. To monitor the performance of paid search promotion, you can also integrate LiveChat with Google AdWords and track which of the campaigns end with a chat.

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Monitor customer’s activity from your partner account

partner program licenses section

You can track the activity of each license you’ve set up in the Solution Partner section of your partner account. Use this information to react quickly to the customer’s problems and help them succeed with LiveChat.

Wrapping up

Use the trial period to test different setups, convert chat agents into chat experts, and collect data. Once the numbers grow, you will be able to verify the performance of LiveChat and apply changes to eliminate friction and help your clients succeed.

Already have your own ways? I’d love to hear about them! Feel free to share your experience in the comments below or let’s chat more via email: m.szczyglowski@livechatinc.com.

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