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by Michal Szczyglowski on 18 Sep, 2018 ~4 minutes read

LiveChat Pitch Deck is exactly what you’ve been waiting for. A comprehensive set of materials about LiveChat and its advantages, provided in a convenient format. Download it, edit upon your needs, and add it to your sales materials!

In this article, we will cover:

What’s inside LiveChat Pitch Deck:


  • Sales Presentation - a complex product presentation that covers not only the core features of LiveChat but also the key benefits of applying a live chat service. The presentation includes industry-specific materials for the most common examples among our client base.


1. Add your company branding to the customizable version of the presentation to show your expertise with our product.

2. Check out speaker/presenter notes included in the presentation to get a full information on presented aspects. By default, you can see them when opening the document in Google Slides. If you want to use them in Keynote or PowerPoint, please see the tutorials:
-Microsoft PowerPoint.
-Keynote for Mac.

  • Sales Deck - an extensive document that not only highlights the key benefits of LiveChat but also matches them with specific product features. Learn about the specifics of LiveChat and how to maximize its potential for your clients.

Both resources can be edited and extended with additional content, e.g. client-specific information, certain features, or integrations with already used products.

Inside The Pitch Deck you can also find:

  • Videos:
    -Product videos - get to know LiveChat and learn how it can help your clients’ businesses.
    -LC Tips - short videos showing specific product features. An easy way to explain commonly appearing questions.
    -LiveChat integrations - so far this category consists of a tutorial created for Wordpress, WooCommerce and BigCommerce. More to come!
  • LiveChat Demo - a full demonstration of LiveChat software divided into 5 parts.
  • Application screenshots - can be easily included in the presentations or other marketing materials to highlight specific parts of LiveChat app.
  • Agent’s Handbook - a comprehensive introduction to the chat agent role.
  • ChatBot (previously known as BotEngine) - videos explaining the basic concept of the chatbot factory and the product capabilities intro.
  • Security Overview - a comprehensive source of information regarding security standards used by LiveChat. This document can be used to address customers doubts and questions in terms of security and privacy policy.

Please note : All the videos are also available in online version on LiveChat YouTube channel.

How you can use it to benefit your business:

The Pitch Deck is a free resource available to every LiveChat Partner. All the materials can be used and edited offline once they’re downloaded which gives you a huge dose of flexibility! Feel free to adjust the content of The Pitch Deck to your specific needs and create a sales pitch that will address your clients requirements.

We’re sure you’ll know best what to do with it!

Examples of usage:

  • Product presentation - utilize the sales presentation to show the benefits of LiveChat. Be sure to check out speaker notes attached to the presentation to explain the product benefits in detail.
  • Including LiveChat in your business offer - use available materials to prepare a product page and help your customers understand how your new expertise can improve their online businesses.
  • Dedicated marketing campaigns - if you are preparing a marketing campaign promoting LiveChat, be sure to check out your Pitch Deck for benefits and specific features.
  • Content creation - use the information from Sales Deck to create an engaging content. Extend it with real-life use cases and videos to strengthen your message.

Use these resources as support during the product presentation, meeting with a client, an internal product evaluation or simply creating a content for your own website.

Where you can find a free version of LiveChat Pitch Deck:

You can find The Pitch Deck in 2 different directories:

Get it straight away! Sign in to your partner account and download it from your Dashboard now!

Please note : All the videos can be downloaded separately either from Affiliate resources or Solution Partner Pitch Deck.

Let’s build The Pitch Deck together!

We understand that every client is different and has specific needs to be addressed in order to execute a successful project. That’s why apart from ready-to-use assets we decided to include customizable versions for the core resources, including:

This is the very first version of the LiveChat Partner Pitch Deck. We intend to extend it contents with marketing materials, the newest product developments, support of the new industries, and use cases.

We are more than keen on hearing your feedback on the current version and ideas for further development of The Pitch Deck. Feel free to share them with us via email: partners@livechat.com.

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