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by Krzysztof Kraus on 31 Mar, 2016 ~3 minutes read

You can add LiveChat to multiple websites using a single license. This comes in handy when your customer runs several websites and they want to use a single LiveChat license on all of them. If you are offering support outsourcing, you could use this feature to run live chat on several customer websites.

To add LiveChat to multiple websites you will need to use agent groups. You basically need to create a separate group for each website, add agents to that group and assign them to each website.

Here’s how it’s done:

  1. Go to the Groups section in LiveChat
  2. Create a group for one of your websites by clicking on the Add a group button adding group to livechat license
  3. Select the agents that are going to handle support on the website. Finalize the group selection by clicking on the Add a group button finalizing group creation by add group button Finalizing group creation in LiveChat Now, do the same for each website. Once you have groups created for all websites:
  4. Go to the Code section
  5. Copy the code and place it before the </body> tag of each website code to be placed in customer website Next, you will need to tell LiveChat which group should handle which website. Go to the URL rules section and click on the Add your first rule button. adding url rule Adding your first URL rule
  6. Next, fill in the If portion of the rule with one of the website addresses entering website url to create a rule Entering website URL to create a rule
  7. Use the route chats to option and pick a group you created for the website,
  8. Finalize the setup by clicking on the Add rule button.
  9. Repeat the steps 6-8 for all groups and websites.

Once you finish, you will have LiveChat running on multiple websites using a single license. The chat on each website will be handled by the group of agents you’ve assigned to that website.

When outsourcing support over LiveChat, you may want to use the same agents for each website. By having the same agents in all your groups, you get the ability to customize LiveChat on each website. This means you can change the theme, logo and more while having the same agents handle all the chats.

Separate chat sessions

When offering LiveChat on multiple websites using a single license, you may want to separate the chat sessions. Normally, a website visitor who starts a chat on one page of a website, will be able to continue the same chat on other pages. When you throw several websites into the mix, this could result in confusing situations.

This is especially important if your customer is running several websites offering similar products or services, for example several e-commerce stores offering beauty products.

To make sure the chat is not continued on other websites hooked up to the same LiveChat license, you need to add the following piece of code to the tracking code you’ve placed on the customer’s websites:

window.__lc.chat_between_groups = false;

Adding the code will prevent the transfer of chat sessions between websites.

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