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by Pawel Halas on 20 Apr, 2017 ~4 minutes read

Customize the length of a trial and give customers a special discount to gain more referrals in LiveChat Affiliate Program

At LiveChat, we continuously look for new ways to support your efforts and help you gain more referrals. Having that in mind, we’ve recently been working on a set of new features that should boost your efficiency as LiveChat Affiliate Program partners. Here is a brief introduction of the core changes.

Customizable free trial period - exclusively in LiveChat Affiliate Program

Now you can choose the length of LiveChat’s trial period you want to offer in your affiliate link. While regularly only a 14-day free use period is available, you may offer up to 60 days of free LiveChat use period if you want to!

Reason for implementation

We noted that the ratio of qualified leads converting to paid subscriptions is higher when extended trials are available. We want you to take advantage of it!


Extended trials may work better for you but offering them to your leads will also mean you’ll have to wait longer for them to convert.

Everlasting discount ($10 credit for every new customer)

affiliate discount for new customers

We made this discount available indefinitely so that you can get new leads easier offering something special. $10 Credit will be redeemed after the trial is over and customer subscribes to a paid version.

Reason for implementation

The discount is yet another way to distinguish your affiliate proposition from LiveChat’s regular offering. Share the info about your unique offer and see a stream of new referrals approaching!


Making use of the discount is not obligatory. You may or may not take advantage of this or any other deals we’ll introduce for our partners. The discount attached to your affiliate link means that also your commission will be slightly smaller. After all,  the actual cost of purchased subscriptions determines the size of your commission.

New campaign builder

affiliate program campaign builder

The one to rule them all! Having a plethora of new options, you need a convenient tool to manage them. This is what we created a campaign builder for. Now you can merge all parameters of your unique offer in one place. It automates the process of affiliate links creation and makes it as convenient as it gets. Finally, preparation of your customized offering can be conducted in a heartbeat - directly in your Partner App.

Reason for implementation

We know that exclusive offerings can bring you more referrals. However, until now they were extremely inconvenient to use in LiveChat Affiliate Program. We lacked a dedicated tool that could attach a discount to your affiliate link automatically. Fortunately, this campaign builder should solve this problem right away.


What’s left for you to do is to track the efficiency of your campaigns and adjust your promotion strategy to what works best.

LiveChat dedicated URL shortener

Instead of using random link shortener, we attached a LiveChat-made tool to your Partner App. You’ll find it awesome! Actually, it lets you shorten your links, customize and track them conveniently. When you have a lot of links to shorten testing various campaigns, it can really save your time.

Reason for implementation

LiveChat’s dedicated link shortener not only is way more capable but also lesser known. It won’t scare customers away like or tend to do nowadays.

Quick note

Feel free to check its capabilities right away!

New creatives

We created a Promos tab, in which you’ll find resources referring to discounts we offer. Meanwhile, in Banners section of LiveChat Partner Panel you’ll find more new banners - not only those discounts-related but also other, supporting the promotion of extended trial periods (45-days trial, 60-days trial, and a custom one). At the end of the day, new features need new resources to be promoted efficiently.

We certainly hope you’ll make use of all the features we’ve recently introduced. After all, they can boost your efficiency as LiveChat Partner. That’s what we’re sure of.

To learn more about how to build customized campaigns in LiveChat Partner App, feel free to look through our Step-by-Step Guide on all the new features of LiveChat Affiliate Program. Also, expect us to introduce more deals and attractive offerings over time. Our job is definitely not over here!

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