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by Krzysztof Kraus on 31 Mar, 2016 ~2 minutes read

As a partner, you may need access to your customers licenses to help them set up LiveChat on their websites. In such situations, having an Administrator account may come in handy.

See how you can create an Administrator account on a customer’s license and what you can do with it.

What you can do as an Administrator

As an Administrator, you have access to nearly all LiveChat settings. Only the billing panel is not available to Administrators as it can be accessed only by the Owner in the affiliate model. As a reseller, you have full access to the billing.

Administrators have also access to the LiveChat code. This means that, as a partner, you can help your customer implement the code on their website. Administrators can also modify the way LiveChat looks and behaves. For example, you can prepare a simple customization of the chat window for a customer as an additional service.

Finally, Administrators can add new agent accounts to the license. This means you can set up whole teams for your customer.

Only Administrators and the Owner can create an Administrator account in the Agents section of the LiveChat panel.

To create the Administrator account, go to the Agents section and click on the Add an agent button.

adding agent to livechat license Adding an agent in LiveChat

Fill out the Name and Email fields, set the Permissions to Administrator and click on the Add an agent button.

set admin role to livechat agent Setting Administrator permissions in LiveChat

Useful use cases

There are a couple ways you can get yourself an Administrator account to help customers with their implementation.

As a partner, you can create the license from your link and handle everything using the Owner account (Administrator rights with access to billing). You could use your own personal data when setting up the account and then simply create an agent account for your client. You would have to bill the customer separately when using this method.

Another way for partners to get an Administrator account would be to ask the Owner of the license, i.e. your customer, to create an Administrator account for you. You could then help with the implementation and the account could be removed once it’s done.

Both these options can be used by resellers and affiliates.

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