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by Matylda Chmielewska on 26 Apr, 2018 ~4 minutes read

Taking a more personal and sales focused approach to customer service has helped Finnchat gain more customers and provide them with the best software.

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The Approach

Marko Toivonen, Head of Region at Finnchat GmbH explains the direction they’ve decided to take on with customer support:

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Customer service is way too long perceived as a cost by the companies and frustration by the customer.

This is due to two things:

  • Companies are only there to help when problems have escalated.
  • Customers have already become frustrated so there’s little chance to do more than damage control.

Interaction is within the very basis of human needs. Even if we’re not looking for direct answers, we’re on the look for confirmation to what we want to believe (when asked if turquoise sneakers look okay on me, I’m actually just confirming that I’m right to buy them!).

From the experience I now know things can be different. Actually brick-and-mortar stores already took the leap from reactive to proactive. With a proper know-how, companies can be more proactive online in their approach and deal with problems before they’ve escalated. And allow customers to exercise their human need – interaction!

In the end of the day, we can create positive ROI from what was once just a cost and necessity. It’s not surprising that around 50% of the Digital Leaders in Nordics have a chat service.

The Journey

finnchat success story

The founders of Finnchat had their own e-commerce business before setting up a live chat business. The latter was created after company’s initial trials with activities aimed at increasing the number of sales. The results were stunning, so the founders decided to pivot.

‘Soon after, the service was extended from e-commerce to lead generation for B2B and B2C companies.’ says Marko. This lead to a rapid growth that allowed Finnchat to increase the number of customers. They also train a capable staff take care of the software on their client’s behalf. Marko explains it allows ‘a client can then focus on what’s their key competence and follow the results in our detailed weekly reports.’

The Goal

People need people. Our mission is to allow personal service as part of online user experience. Customer service online can be so much more than just a cost – and we show that to our clients.

— Marko Toivonen, Head of Region at Finnchat

The Process

finnchat success story

Asked about what is his day-to-day work like he explains that his primary goal was always to help the support agents and customers achieve more: ‘My days consist of managing daily business activities and actively supporting our Service and Sales teams in their efforts. One of my focuses is also find and execute, together with my team, development in every area of the business. Our Service Team is working actively with LiveChat and few other chat programs. LiveChat provides our Service Team with the functionalities they need to serve our clients the best way possible. But of course what really matters are the people. Our trained agents are the backbone of our business and we want to give them the best tools to work with.’

Top advice on adding a personal touch to your customer support efforts:

  • Be proactive and fulfil your customers’ need for human-to-human interaction.
  • Personalize your customer service as much as much a possible.
  • Give your support agents the best tools, make sure they receive a compelling training and help them along the way.

But it’s not all about Finnchat’s customer support team. As Marko explains: ‘Our developers again are focused in meeting our clients expectations on the front-end (design) and back-end (adjusting the triggers to make most out of the chat service). Developer team manages also our Analytics service that provides improved metrics for the client.’

The Success

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When asked about the benefits of joining the Partner Program, Marko lists receiving leads through LiveChat Experts marketplace and being able to provide great tools to their customers for a fraction of cost. ‘LiveChat is definitely coming up always as one of the top of the list when choosing the best software for our client.’ adds Marko. Finnchat has been also able to integrate their own analytics tools with the Partner Panel using LiveChat Partner Program’s open API which so far had been working to their advantage as well.

What advice would you give to anyone considering joining LiveChat Partner Program?

I believe joining the LiveChat Program can help especially smaller companies to reach out to worldwide audience. It can definitely help a company to generate more leads in their field.

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