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How To Find A Profitable Niche Market In 3 Easy Steps

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Dec 19, 2018

Finding a profitable niche market is one of the primary steps to take at the beginning of your affiliate marketing journey, and it’s one of the most important too.

This adventure starts here because you can't promote products that don’t match each other.

Consider this.

When you, as an affiliate marketer, start to sell some products online, you need to create an online presence for yourself that feels real to build up authority. And authority grows with expertise.

You can’t obviously become an expert in everything ;). So you must stick to one (might be broader) category to make people believe in you and listen.

To throw you an example, traveling bloggers usually promote:

and everything that makes a backpacker’s life easier and it’s useful on the go.

We can say that’s this traveling niche is quite extensive, and you can fit many types of products below its umbrella.

On the other end, you won’t for sure see a traveling blogger that recommends makeup tricks for the prom because this simply doesn’t go with the broader landscape.

I think you get the idea :)

But wait, what’s the affiliate marketing niche market after all?

Affiliate marketing niche market is the thematic category where you will focus your marketing efforts.

A niche market is made of the umbrella of products characterized by a unified marketing approach. This translates to the same audience and overlapping channels of promotion.

Affiliate products of one niche market create together a sense of integrity.

This makes your life easier letting you kill many birds with one stone. Meaning, while you market one product, other products can also benefit from this search and raise the attention of people who click through and browse your site.

And that’s the beauty of well-matched marketing niche. :)

Okay, now when we already understand the background, we can jump right into the three-step formula for finding a profitable niche market.

Step 1: Turn Job into Passion

Before you even start with the formula of finding the right niche market for yourself, contemplate and discover what special calling is in your gut.

What are your interests?

I’m asking because the rule of thumb states, you should be doing what you enjoy. Then work becomes significantly easier and more fun.

So yeah, don’t think of promoting tractors and farming when you hate it, just because it seems profitable to you. ;)

Focus on something that you know and understand.

When you are already aware of areas of your interest, jot them down into the list.

Step 2: Perform Keywords Check

Now, use Adwords Keyword Tool to check the search volume and competition of your favorite niche markets.

You’ll compare and contrast them by the keywords they comprise.

Adwords Keyword Tool will work perfectly here because it can beautifully suggest you the most prominent keywords you will focus on.

This is a free tool that lets you find out both local and global search volumes for specific keywords that are related to your niche market and judge the competitiveness of those keywords, too.

You’re going to need profitable niche market keywords that pull in an absolute minimum of 1,000 global searches a month, but preferably, twice that amount. You’ll also want them not to be overly competitive, too.

When you perform your niche market keywords check you will have the potential of a given niche right before your eyes and will be able to decide where is more traffic.

So at this point, you have your answer to the question of whether you should become a fitness market niche promoter or clean eating promoter.

Step 3: Google Your Niche Market Keywords

Okay, so now you know where is more traffic.

But another thing to check before you’ll lose yourself into promoting this niche market is checking the commercial intent of your keywords.

Simply, go to and type in your keywords into the search box. On the search results page, pay attention to:

how many results are there for the given keywords.
Google ads included at the top and bottom.

This research will give you the context of your niche market keywords and help you decide if the niche is profitable for affiliate marketing.

Based on the results of your niche you can already move forward with the selected niche or reject it.

Wrapping up

So, I hope my easy 3-Step process to finding a profitable niche market has got you inspired.
Hopefully, you are ready to jump on Google’s Keyword Tool to begin checking out your ideas.

However, keep in mind that finding your profitable market niche is just the beginning of your affiliate marketing adventure. Once you’ve done it, – then its time for the creative part that can be achieved only with the consistent strategy and content creation.

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